Together While Apart

We are gathering on Zoom - and one day soon? In person! We are also starting something special: A prayer team of committed Christian adults with a calling to pray for youth. Will you join us?

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Some of what we do together:

- read The Bible

- pray for each other

- ask questions

- play Dungeons & Dragons

- have fun!

Also confirmation and baptisms!

The Saint Matt’s Youth Prayer

(co-written by the youth, using the format of Mary's Magnificat)

Our souls praise the Lord.

In our presence now we have joy

because of God our Saviour.


For he acknowledges us common people,

and from now on all families

will call us strengthened.


For God is the Resilient One and sacred,

and he has done brilliant things for us.

He shows empathy to our family and yours

To all who pay attention and listen to him.


His powerful hand has done big things!

He has scattered the arrogant and rude and unkind.


He has brought down the celebrities from their platforms

and brings up the selfless to high places.

He has filled the hungry with delicious and nutritious food

And sent the rich away with empty hands.

He has helped his workers and remembered to be gracious.


He made this promise to our ancestors, to Abraham

and to those who have faith in God forever.