Soup Drive for Toronto Urban Native Ministries

Please help St. Matthew’s bring 200 bowls of soup to Toronto Urban Native Ministries (TUNM) once a week during the Covid-19 pandemic. Demand has increased by the hundreds, and St. Matthew’s has a plan to help. We need volunteers to shop, chop, and deliver, and donations to pay the grocery bills.

The safety plan:

  • Social-distancing food prep on tables in the gym

  • Wearing face shields and gloves

  • Criteria for Volunteers (4 per week):

    • No travel for 14 days

    • No entry into hospitals, nursing homes, seniors’ and long-term care residences, correctional facilities, or homeless shelters in the last 14 days

    • No contact in the last 14 days with anyone who has or might have Covid-19

    • No history of cough, fever, difficulty breathing, or pneumonia in the last 14 days

Please review this volunteer checklist to make sure it's safe for you to volunteer.

The schedule:

  • Monday – Meal planning and shopping 

  • Tuesday at 9am – Food prep at St. Matthew’s kitchen

  • Tuesday afternoon – Take the soup to Holy Trinity in downtown Toronto, to be served by TUNM on Wednesday


How we hope to cover costs:

  • Please donate to St. Matthew’s Outreach Fund.

  • We’ll keep everyone informed regarding the average cost per meal.

Image by Matt Collamer
Image by Stephen Munley